Top 8 Alternative Christmas Tracks

This is a list of the top 8 alternative Christmas tracks that you can listen to right now. These include all sorts of different sounds. You will be able to download them via the links if you’d like, or pick up the records themselves depending on whether or not you are still buying records. As such, consider the following 8 alternative Christmas records and tracks, or rather tracks not records…ugh, I’m tired.

Mxpx “Christmas Day” From “Punk Rawk Christmas”

Mxpx put out the track “Christmas Day” a long time ago on a BEC Recordings release. I had the cassette tape when I first heard this one, and wow, I was blown away. The introduction is poppy, and the guitar and drums on this recording is in the style of what you’d expect from the band. It’s a solid release that deserves a lot more praise. Get it via amazon here.

Blink 182 “Boxing Day” From “Dogs Eating Dogs EP”

“Boxing Day” is a different kind of track for Blink. It’s not their only Christmas track, but it’s my personal favorite. Yes, I like “I Won’t Be Home For Christmas” just fine, but this one has a little bit of a nicer touch overall. It feels more like a Box Car Racer track, to be honest. Get it via amazon here.

Julian Casablancas “Christmas Treat” From “Phrazes For The Young”

Even though the vinyl version is different, you can pick up “Phrazes For The Young” and still get this track included. It’s the classic SNL riff, only with Julian doing vocals. If you’re not familiar with this singer, he’s the lead singer for the Strokes. His record is incredible, and this single is amazing. It’s perhaps my all time favorite Christmas recording, ever. Pick it up from amazon here.

The Dingees “We Three Kings” From “Happy Christmas Volume 1”

This is one of those rare B-sides that you are not going to find anywhere else but here. The Dingees put on one of the best renditions of this song for this release. This compilation features a “who’s who” list of punk rock and alternative bands from BEC and Tooth and Nail records. It’s one of the best Christmas compilations ever. The Dingees nailed it here, in their own dub way. Pick it up on amazon here.

Fenix Tx “Feliz Navidad” From “The Real Slim Santa” KROQ Compilation

Here is another rarity. Fenix Tx put a whole new spin on this track. They do it in traditional style, but with a punk twist, and then changed the lyrics to highlight sleeping with an ex girlfriend’s sister, giving and receiving an STD and much more. This is a rare record with a lot of Christmas themed alternative tracks. You owe it to yourself to get this one, if only for the Fenix Tx track. Get it via amazon here.

The Almost “Little Drummer Boy” from “No Gift To Bring EP”

The Almost has the best rendition of “Little Drummer Boy” ever. I talked about it in the review of this record this month. However, I have to put it on this list as well. It’s a mix of traditional and new school alternative rock, with a punk twist. You’ll hear it, you’ll shed a tear, you’ll love it. It’s a great one. This whole record screams of Christmas in a “Christian” tone. Pick it up via amazon here.

Jars of Clay “Wonderful Christmas Time”

Jars of Clay is one of my guilty pleasures. I love hardcore, punk, and heavy music, but they have my heart. The lyrical content, the compositions, and the songs that they play just hit my heart a lot. This is a record that absolutely does that. It pulls at my heart strings, and it showcases a wonderful time of year, and I love it. “Wonderful Christmas Time” is a more traditional track on this one, but it’s a great one none the less. Jars of Clay really do great things on this record. Pick it up via amazon here.

No Doubt “Oi To The World” From “Everything In Time”

No Doubt doesn’t need me to write up a huge thing about them. This is a song that is absolutely fun. It’s a cover song from The Vandals, but No Doubt puts on a showcase of greatness with it. Ska, punk, and flamboyantly fun, this is one of the best alternative Christmas songs ever put onto wax, or plastic.

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