The Get Up Kids and A 20 Year Plan of Action

I want to say that it was 20 years ago, but this story starts less than that. I would say that it was around that time frame, but as I type this, I realize that it was at least more than a decade ago. Hot Rod Circuit was opening up for The Get Up Kids at the House of Blues in Hollywood, California. I was still in high school, as I recall, so it was before 2002 that’s for sure. The band was most likely touring on the record “Something To Write Home About”, because “On a Wire” didn’t come out until 2002. I recall attempting to befriend people, and tried to start dating, and I met someone that loved The Get Up Kids. There was an issue, though, she didn’t have a car and I didn’t either, so I had to figure out how to get her to the Hollywood, House of Blues since I had two tickets. No one wanted to come out and see the show with me, but she said yes, so I purchased two tickets. The Reunion Show, Hot Rod Circuit, and The Get Up Kids were on the bill, and I figured it was a perfect first date idea. I recall her nickname was Holly Hox, much like the Saves The Day song.

In order to get this setup, I had to call in a friend’s help. He was a cool dude, and by all means he probably is still cool somewhere in Los Angels sitting on a pile of money. He had a car, I didn’t. He had the means to pick up Holly and drop her off at the House of Blues. I figured it wouldn’t be too much to ask, and therefore I asked him to help. He agreed to assist, for gas money, and I had gotten on a bus and made it to the House of Blues on Sunset. I stood outside, waiting, pacing, wondering if this was the dream girl I always wanted, being a teenager and full of that emotional status we all go through. I recall meeting people outside, and none of them were here, and the sun started to drop down, and night fell, and no Holly showed up, my friend never showed, and I missed a majority of the Get Up Kids set.

What happened?

I would find out the next day that my friend did in fact go and pick her up. But he picked her up, and the two decided to get very familiar with one another instead of my date going forward. How I justified his friendship, I do not know, but I’m sure he is living a good life with the girl that I first asked out on a date as well, because she married him.

Fast forward to 2019.

I’m in a new city. I’m far removed from the angst of a teenager, and The Get Up Kids are back after 8 years of hiatus, and they have a new record, and are starting their quest for a tour through Indianapolis. I find out, I pre-sale the tickets and buy two of them, in hopes that I would have a friend to go with.

No one wanted to go.

Not one person.

I then show up to the venue and try to give away a ticket, and no one seemed to want it. I could not give it away at first. I people watched, and I stood there, flashing the ticket and no one wanted it, until a couple showed up and I offered. They were not buying the idea of a free ticket, and I promised them that it worked, and if it didn’t, I’d give him my ticket. They took it, and all was well.

The get up kids live

I want to say this show was 20 years in the making for me, because now I’m 36 as I type this and the band was going to play in a venue that is about the size of an old Pizza Hut sit-down restaurant. It was 21 and over, and it looked as though everyone that the Get Up Kids used to sing about, the lonely emo kids, had all found themselves girls and were married. I know this because I talked to about 15 women, and all of them were married, and I even bought a drink for a couple, who didn’t give me their name, and didn’t want to be friends with me, or so their actions stated.
The Get Up Kids went on stage a little after 9 pm and they rocked the house, with many of us singing along, and enjoying the good times. I may have failed to make a friend, but the show was good, and it took more than a decade to get to a place where I can see them and appreciate the music that I loved when I was a teenager. In a way, I also got a slice of revenge for Holly standing me up and my friend getting it on with her.

Sometimes things change, and sometimes they stay the same, right? I am more social now, I talk to people, I try to make friends, and yet it’s been difficult to say the least. I was at the Hi-Fi in Indianapolis, had a few beers, one of which tasted like cheese. It was called “Hoppiness Jones” from Sun King, and it was the worst one I had all night. I then went to a bar and tried to use their bathroom, bought a beer, and they said that they did not have a bathroom. They also said that the state of Indiana has no bars with bathrooms in them. That’s funny, because I literally used their bathroom a year or so back, and well, I didn’t argue, I just walked away.

After that bar, I walked over to another bar, and used their bathroom. Before that, a couple was drunk and wanted to hang out with me and hear my stories, at least they paid me lip service, and then out of the blue they vanished. They said I was cool, and wanted to know more about me and then they went away. I kept walking, looking for my car and ran into a group of women that were just hanging out, so I said I’d buy them all drinks, they scoffed and walked away. I was left standing.

I called my friend. Then drove home. I didn’t end up getting any food, which was my goal after the show. I then came home, got into bed, and two cats jumped me.

The get up kids live 2

Nearly 20 years in the making, and the show was great. It only took a long time to get there, and I’m thankful for it.

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