Signs of the Times by Greg Laurie Review

This is an unedited book review that was originally published in August 2018. As such, it was housed on an archival page. Therefore, it is unedited, and just put here.

greg laurie signs of the times book review

Greg Laurie is a megachurch pastor that I have met once, and have been around his church several times. He has one of the largest churches in Southern California, and he focuses on grace above all else. However, there have been moments where he stays strong with orthodox evangelicalism, and there’s other points of interest that are just nothing short of closed minded in some ways. I was at Barnes and Noble recently, and got stuck for about 4 hours. I read through a lot of first and second chapters, and then I picked up Greg Laurie’s book entitled, “Signs of the Times: What the Bible Says About the Rapture, Anti-Christ, Armageddon, Heaven and Hell”. This is a book that was originally put out about a decade ago, then redone, and now there’s a new edition that has hit book shelves early. I was able to get the updated one while I was at the store, and it was the newest edition. I read a lot of different types of books, and while I was looking for a book on mormonism, I found myself drawn to the ideas of the end times, so I dove in. I had time to kill, and this book didn’t seem that big. What would be found in the pages of Greg Laurie’s updated end times book? Well, I was surprised by the flow, and easy work that Laurie wrote, because it’s nothing new, and yet it’s everything new.

If you are an avid reader of Christian books, then you may already know who Greg Laurie is. If you are not interested in anything Christian, religious, or books written about the Bible or interpretations of the end times, then this book will not ever find your eyes. For me, however, I have to read things of this type, because I can’t help myself, and I just chase a lot of different topics as a U.S History Major and a student in Humanities. Now, this book starts easy enough with the premise that Jesus is coming back. That’s right, the premise begins with the notion that Jesus is coming back, so be ready! Be ready, because Jesus is coming back and he is going to come in the same way that he left, in the sky.

Now, moving along, the book is written in a very simple fashion. The narrative is easy to work with and it’s something that I breezed through, especially since it doesn’t cover new ground. Nothing that Laurie discusses in his book is new to me. I’ve gone to churches that were Catholic, Christian, and even Synagogues, and most of them are very similar to that of what Laurie is stating. That means that if you already know the book of Revelations, and have been in Christian churches that are protestant, than you already know the premise of nearly every chapter here. Now, Laurie does elaborate on certain elements of the end times, including naming certain names. However, he never really says things like, Obama is the Antichrist, or anything like that. He keeps that vague.

Laurie has no room for modern interpretations of what some Christian faiths are allowing to move forward. For instance, he is anti-gay, anti-fornication, anti-alcoholism and sums it all up to choice. There’s no wiggle room. You can’t be born gay, you can’t have a disease of addiction, because according to Laurie, they don’t exist. They are all sin, and that’s final. He discusses the notion of these problems are a matter of “sin” and not choice, and he even goes as far as to cite examples of people that have “changed” their perversions and more. He then doubles down on the realities of heaven and hell, and that if you’re not believing like his version of christianity, you’re going straight to hell. Oh boy. Fun!

Greg Laurie’s book is a breeze to read. It’s fascinating to see his version of what is already the same signals and elements you may have known about. If you have been in any Christian church, specifically that of protestant evangelical solutions, then you already know what kind of lean that Greg Laurie has in this book. I give it a 3 out of 5. It’s interesting, it’s breezy, it’s Christian, but it’s light on grace and heavy on the fire and brimstone at times.

“Signs of the Times: What the Bible Says About the Rapture, Anti-Christ, Armageddon, Heaven and Hell” by Greg Laurie is 224 pages long, and is available online and in book stores to purchase. (click here)

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