Revival by Stephen King Review

Revival book cover for Stephen King's book

I was working on a novel about revivals, and then this book hit the stands. This is the second time someone has usurped my idea, so I stopped working on that novel. I finally sat down to read this book, and it was fascinating. If you have read other Stephen King books, then you can expect a similar scope of writing. King knows how to pull you in with a good opening, then slowly leave you with bread crumbs in a forest full of truth and lies. With the release of “Revival”, King branches into a story that mixes what you would expect from Mary Shelley and Nikola Tesla. That’s about as much as you need to know without getting too much into the plot.

Woa! Sorry to stop your flow of reading. I wanted to interject and say that this is an older review. I know, old content isn’t always great. However, if you’re reading this, just know that this is a review that I wrote after reading the book in 2018. I’m working on 2019’s reviews, and will post them as I can, but this is from my archives. Sorry to break up the flow again, just continue reading, and please try the fish! I mean, buy the book.

I loved the way that Stephen King creates a smoking gun of religious intent. The religious elements in this book are fascinating, as they fall in line with my own experiences, and changes. The obsession, the death, the life, and the belonging that you wish you had. This book takes on Christendom in such a subtle way, but it doesn’t mock faith, and it doesn’t charge it as a bad thing. It’s a fascinating look at our humanity, mixed with a science fiction horror tale that really does work well.

If you’re a fan of “Frankenstein”, then you are going to feel like you’re reading a spiritual sequel. King navigates a lot of arenas that are similar, and then turns into a Lovecraftian writer. I loved it. There are moments towards the end that even reminded me of “Shocker”. If you love Mary Shelley, then you will no doubt love how King has used the source work of her writing and turned it into an even greater element. This is a mix of horror, science fiction, and religious elements. This all works well.

“Revival” by Stephen King is a fast-moving book. It’s breezy, it has a simple premise and then unravels into chaos towards the end. The finale may leave you stunned, but the buildup is great, and fun to read. I enjoyed it immensely and recommend picking it up if you’re a fan of Stephen King but don’t want to journey into some of his older books.

You can buy “Revival” by Stephen King by clicking here.

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