Revenge of The Nerd by Curtis Armstrong Review

This is an unedited book review that was originally published in August 2018. As such, it was housed on an archival page. Therefore, it is unedited, and just put here.

Well here we go, another book read, another book reviewed right? Well, I can truly say that I love being a part of a lot of cultures, and one of them is the world of geek and nerds. I’m not a nerd, geek, or anything like that, but I can flow between a lot of cultures because I am into a lot of different things. Now, that being said, I watched “Revenge of the Nerds” the other day, and decided to read this book, which was written by “Booger”. The book, “Revenge of The Nerd” by Curtis Armstrong, came out in 2017, and I recently was able to get the hardcover, and read through it.

I have read a lot of books from the world of Hollywood, etc. This is not a book that has a lot of of focus on the terrible side of things. Armstrong details several different stories about his acting career, and a lot of different areas of acting, and personal details. But the thing about nerds, and especially that of Armstrong is that he is a truly gifted individual, and nurd overall. What does that mean? Well, it means that he’s not getting laid all the time, he’s not binge drinking, and he’s actually kind of a boring person, but the book is still interesting overall. I liked the book, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the bigger picture, but it’s not a titillating tale that you would expect from other books on similar topics.

This book is meant for fans of “Revenge of the Nerds” and are fans of Curtis Armstrong’s career and thoughts on the bigger picture of being a certified geek. If you’re not a fan of his characters, you are going to find that this is a rudimentary, somewhat boring tale of the average actor. I didn’t find it to be amazing, I didn’t find it to be enlightening, but it was an interesting book to read through.

As far as “Revenge of The Nerd” by Curtis Armstrong, is concerned, I give it a 3 out of 5. It’s not grand, it’s somewhat boring, and again, if you’re not a fan of the movies, or Armstrong outright, you may find this is a boring book. It’s well written, it’s interesting, but lacks a certain gravitas, which some people will not like.

You can purchase “Revenge of The Nerd” by Curtis Armstrong online, and read it if you’re a fan. (click here)

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