Real Skateboards x Jeremy Fish Skateboard Series

Jeremy Fish x Real Skateboards deck

Real Skateboards has partnered up with San Francisco artist, Jeremy Fish. If you haven’t heard of him, then you’re sleeping at the proverbial wheel. Fish has produced some great artwork and design elements for major companies, and of course smaller companies alike. You may not remember his Nike skateboarding release, but you may very well remember his work featured in the music video from Aesop Rock, “None Shall pass”, which is designed throughout the release.

Jeremy Fish x Real Skateboards Deck

As of September 2019, he has Real Skateboards has put out some cool boards and merch with his art on it. If you’re one of those collectors, like me, that are looking to pick up skateboards for your wall or for riding, then you don’t want to miss out on picking up Real Skateboards x Jeremy Fish skateboard decks that are out now. You can click here, and pick up the decks before they sell out completely. Of course, you may find them at your local shop, but I am in Indianapolis, so I won’t see them, most likely.

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