National Geographic x Element Skateboards Out Now

When I was a young boy, I really wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic. I was a subscriber for several years, and I would relish the photographs, and would love to read all of the adventures of writers and image takers for the long running wildlife company. Then I grew up.

I’m not a photographer for them, but I still support wildlife, and love animals. When Element Skateboards announced that they were going to collaborate with National Geographic, I was thrilled, but the boards were sold out fast at my local skateboard shop.

However, if you, like me, missed out on round one, here’s round two. National Geographic has released another set of clothes, skateboard wheels, and decks that are featuring photographs from the magazine. Not only that, a portion of all the sales will go to help wildlife, and education, which are causes backed by the National Geographic group. I for one will be picking up a couple of things, including some clothes, to support, and to showcase in my home. Here are just a couple examples of this collaboration. You can see more of it from ELEMENT skateboards here.

Now, if you want to pick up Element skateboard product, you can do so here.

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