Loser (2000) Review

There are many stories of college in the movies. You already can think of several, and of those movies many of them are romantic comedies. If not, they have a comedic edge to them, because serious college movies win Oscars. Movies that have a more romantic and comedic edge to them, do not go on to win Oscars, nor get nominated. Case in point, the movie, “Loser”, from the year 2000.

The movie is simple enough, a boy from upstate New York gets a merit scholarship to go to the big city, NYC to go to school at NYU and ends up noticing that he doesn’t belong. Or at least he thinks he doesn’t belong, because he studies hard, he doesn’t party, and he is a fish out of water. Then enter the rebellious, hard working, college professor affair having, awesome girl. Jason Biggs and Mena Suvari are the main characters here and the evil Greg Kinear plays the professor with a gas lighting, evil edge.

The rest of the movie has some villains and heroes, mostly villains, as Jason Bigg’s character has to realize that not only is he worthy of love, he is worthy of the punk rock girl, and he is smarter than most and is willing to work at it. Common romantic comedy tripe, you end up with a happy ending where the boy gets girl, and the girl realizes that he is a good guy, worth staying with.

There’s no need to review this movie in a fashion that makes cinema essayists applaud. In fact, there’s no reason to tell you that this is one of my guilty pleasure movies. However, if you’re a single person like myself, and you’re not sure where love will come next, maybe movies like this will help you hug your pillow a little tighter and hope for a fall down some stairs ala Against ME! and meet your punk rock girl too.

Loser (2000) may be formulaic, but it has charm. It may be another random comedy with a romantic edge set in college, but it’s part of the lexicon of college movies that I enjoy, and can testify to being glorified by the story of a fish out of water getting a girl that genuinely likes and dare I say loves him.

There’s hope for us all yet, right?

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