How To Breathe by Ashley Neese Review

We all breathe. We all know that we can do this without thinking. But what if we applied a purposeful element to what we all naturally do? Ashley Neese has written a book about 25 simple practices regarding breathing, and it is interesting to see how the world can change, within a breathe. How To Breathe: 25 Simple Practices For Calm, Joy, and Resilience by Ashley Neese was released this year, and it’s not a long book, but the impact echoes into the eternity that is our souls.

Why such a powerful statement? Because I can tell you right now, breathing and anxiety can be linked, as well as other mindful practices. Since reading this book, I have attempted to take on the breathing techniques, I have worked on a positive mental attitude, I’m taking my medication, I’m doing the work necessary to lift my spirits. I’m not perfect. I struggle. I will most likely be struggling for a lifetime, but one thing that I do know, this book paints a picture of positivity that I absolutely agree with.

Neese combines personal experience, with information about her practice as a mindful teacher, and how breathing can benefit the brain, and mental health. I can wax poetic about how amazing this book is, and honestly, why? You don’t need me to sell you on this book, but as far as my personal reading habits are concerned, this is one powerful addition to my tool set against mental health issues that I’m fighting. Sometimes, in this life, we all just need to breathe.

How To Breathe: 25 Simple Practices For Calm, Joy, and Resilience by Ashley Neese is available by clicking here, and I recommend it if you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, or just want to attempt to be more mindful about your world.

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