Hot Tub Time Machine Review

hot tub time machine

The world does not need another Hot Tub Time Machine review. There are literally millions of listings for this movie, and I am not going to make you suffer through another one. What I will do, however, is tell you about how this movie struck me at 2 am on a Saturday, and I had to watch it again, meanwhile thinking about the significance of the film and the place I originally saw it, in 2010.

Let’s go back to 2010, which is appropriate, considering this is a movie about time travel. I was living in Moscow, Idaho and I had severe depression. I would talk to a friend of mine daily, and my wife (no ex), was not an understanding person about my condition, nor did they help me get treatment. I sank. However, on March 26, 2010 I went to the only movie theater in town, and saw this movie, and it was as epic as I could have ever thought, at the time. Remember, I was living in the middle of nowhere, depressed, not knowing what I wanted next, and seeing this for the first time. You may not connect with the movie the same way, and heck, no one may.

As the movie comes through, the story unfolds for each character and I recall 4 major turning points that were highlighted when I saw this movie, and those 4 major turning points in my life are illustrated within the movie’s plot, so here we go, take a turn with me to some random points in my life, alongside Hot Tub Time Machine

Where Are My Friends?

“I’m going to start getting really sad, you know that?” One of the main characters tells his friends, as he is upset with the lack of gusto that his friends have. After nearly dying in a drunken automobile accident, Lou and his friends from the past unite for a weekend on the slopes of their epic snowboarding past. This time, they are older, and well, they connect with their past, present, and future all within the confines of the film.

So what? Well, where the hell are my friends? In 2010, after this movie I called them. I called each of my friends, and asked them to visit me, and see who would get the gang back together. They all declined. I talk to none of them now.

Remember, Life is NOT a movie.

“I’m Awesome….”

I went on a date recently and I kept saying that, and my date asked me, “are you sure, it sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself that you are”, and it immediately hit me in the same way that Lizzy Caplan’s character talked to Adam in the movie. Adam tries to slip away from her, stating that he has to go away and do something else, meanwhile Lizzy’s character is his destiny, and his future, and even though Adam has break ups under his belt, including the most recent one which has left him with nothing in his home but his nephew in the basement, his future changes, and he realizes that his destiny is amazing.

My date told me I was sweet, funny, and awesome. Is that my destiny?

“Where are my friends round 2”

In 2007, I graduated college. Not one friend came to my graduation. What the hell? Where the hell were you guys? Lou yells at his friends for not showing up to the fight that he has with Blaine, and in order to make sure that the Butterfly Effect is not continual, they have to go through the same things, which also means he gets beat up twice in one night, especially a second time where none of his friends show up. This sends him into a tailspin.

On my way to Seattle in March 2007, I balled because I was leaving home, my friends, and everything. I balled, and couldn’t stop myself. I never left home like this, and we were moving to a new state, and none of my friends were there. Lou is right, to hell with you guys!

“Music Is The Life Blood”

One constant in this movie is the musical elements. Every major turning poitn has an incredbile soundtrack, and some of the songs that are on this soundtrack are some of my favorites including “Louder Than A Bomb” by Public Enemy, “Bring Out The Dancing Horses” by Echo and The Bunnymen, “Bizarre Love Triangle” by New Order, and so much more. The musical direction is so good, that each element of the movie hinges on that.

That’s something that is consistent with my writing, my blog, and the stories of my life. Every story that you can read or hear from me has a soundtrack that fill in the voids of every single turning point. Music is the language that can connect so much, and that’s one of the things that connects me with “Hot Tub Time Machine”

This is not an Oscar contender, this is not a movie that you have to go out and see right away. However, at 2 am in the morning after I had a date, I reflected on this movie, where I was in 2010, and how the pathos illustrated through the characters Lou and Adam, specifically, are parallel to what I’m feeling these days. From dealing with a break up, to finding new people, to literally talking to someoen that is awesome, there’s something very specific that I pull from this movie, which is why cinema is so powerful.

Think you can relate, or you just don’t see this movie as grand, why not watch Hot Tub Time Machine, one more time, and write something, and I’ll post it here, why not? What do you have to lose?

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