Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix Review


“Horrorstor” is a fine mix of horror, ghost story, and well, Ikea. Or not Ikea, as I’m sure they would sue the crap out of Hendrix if they could. This is a horror story that is on par with Stephen King at times, but with a pg-13 element that I can’t really forget. It didn’t take me long to polish this one off, and you know what, it was a fun read. Let’s get into “Horrorstor” by Grady Hendrix.

Woa! Sorry to stop your flow of reading. I wanted to interject and say that this is an older review. I know, old content isn’t always great. However, if you’re reading this, just know that this is a review that I wrote after reading the book in 2018. I’m working on 2019’s reviews, and will post them as I can, but this is from my archives. Sorry to break up the flow again, just continue reading, and please try the fish! I mean, buy the book.

The author immediately tells you that it’s not Ikea. But it is Ikea. You will argue as you hear the way that the store in this novel is described. The setting is known as Orsk Furniture Superstore, and it is located in Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve been to the Ikea near Cincinnati, and can attest to the descriptions found in this book being Ikea, I mean not Ikea. This joke is played off again and again throughout the book, as you are introduced to the cast of characters that are going to make you laugh, cry, and raise an eyebrow as you read through the story.

The story moves along with a group of employees that are going to try and figure out if the store is haunted, because they keep seeing strange things show up when they open the store in the morning. Is there someone there, is it a ghost? What is going on? While some want to be the next big ghost hunters on television, some are skeptical, and as the story unravels, you really get the feel that something is way wrong with Orsk.

I just spoiled it for you. Ok, I didn’t, but hey, it happens. This story starts off like any other retail worker’s hell. Retail workers will love how the book begins, and how the characters go through their lives working at a big box retailer. Amy and Basil are the two main characters you want to focus on, but as you get introduced to the others, you’ll realize that not everyone is going to survive this one. All of the tropes of a haunting comes through. You have the strong final girl, the skeptic, the tough guy, and the naïve one. The story moves through the red herring, and then really takes off into a world of hell, as the store starts to consume our heroes.

At the end of the day “Horrorstor” by Grady Hendrix is a ghost story. It’s not going to break ground, because it follows a good overall formula. It’s a nice popcorn flick of a novel that is going to grip you at times, and make you question what you are doing with your life in others. It’s a fine moving book, one that isn’t going to take up a lot of your brain power, but will have you entertained a lot. I laughed, I cried, I laughed again! Ok, I didn’t cry, but this is a seriously good horror book, and will definitely have you thinking twice about hanging out at Ikea, or NOT Ikea.

“Horrorstor” by Grady Hendrix is a fine novel that features comedy and horror. I recommend it, and give it 5 stars. You can buy it by clicking here, or get it from your local library like I did.

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