Chocolate Skateboards Sketch 94 Series Decks

Chocolate skateboards is one of my favorite skateboarding brands. Chocolate skateboards always had an ethnic feel, and I recall them signing some of the best skateboarders that were of Latin American descent, and African Americans as well. I loved their ethnic diversity, and as a Mexican-American I dove into their line up. It didn’t hurt that they were connected to Girl Skateboards, which is one of my favorites as well. Chocolate skateboards pushes through another series of decks which are worthy of an art museum if you ask me. These boards have a sketch quality, and modern design that you will no doubt have to buy more than one. I would buy 3 of them if I were you, and you may enjoy the beauty of what Chocolate skateboards has to offer with this series. The following are on sale now and are available through various skate shops, and online as well.

Check out the board’s graphics from Chocolate skateboards 94/sketch series below:

If you’re a fan of skateboard deck art, or perhaps a fan of Chocolate skateboards, you’re going to love the set up that these boards have. The visual design aesthetic that the company has put out has always been stellar, but these 3 boards are among my favorite that are out right now.

You can pick up these and other Chocolate skateboards by clicking here and getting free shipping and helping out your old pal Jay.

I for one will be picking up at least two of these, and the third, maybe, I’m not 100 percent sure just yet, but I’m a big fan of Chocolate skateboards.

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