Alien Workshop Wake The Sheeple Skateboard Deck Review

alien work shop wake the sheeple

Alien Workshop skateboards comes out with a no-nonsense skateboard that has a graphic ripe for 2020. It immediately gives me back vibes of The Grouch and Eligh, as well as Comeback Kid, as you look at the simplistic graphic that states, “wake the sheeple”. Fans of Alien Workshop skateboards will notice that this is a throwback to the more simplistic graphic design style with the wood grain and the color palettes. You’ll notice that if you see these in stores, the grain and colors of the wood stain differ, but the graphic remains the same, with a guy in a sheep costume, basically being told to wake up!

As far as this release from Alien Workshop skateboards, the shape is 8.5 x 32.25 and it features a classic overall pop, and hard wood pressing. If you’re already used to the regular “popsicle” style, then you’ll no doubt love the feel, and size of the board as it’s standard. A bit wider than I used to ride, but at 36, I usually go for wider boards with nice concave.

Ok, so you aren’t really concerned with shape, size, but rather want graphic design, well Alien Workshop skateboards always throws a subversive element into their board graphics, and with the Wake The Sheeple deck.

At the moment, the full priced Wake The Sheeple skateboard deck from Alien Workshop skateboards is around $52.99, retail. You may be able to find it on sale down the line, but you’ll find that it’s a newer release from Alien Workshop, so it may not be clearance out for a few months at the very least. I like this one, and definitely feel like it’s worth checking out for your wall or to skate in the streets. I don’t think it’s meant for vert, but if you’re a vert skater, you may like the 8.5 size, as it’s a good in between.

You can find this and other skateboards from Alien Workshop skateboards by clicking here.

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