Alien Workshop Skateboard Decks Fall 2019

The year was 1990. A skateboard company came through Dayton Ohio and began to bring together two very distinct components of the world’s conspiracy minded stories. The connection between Aliens and Humanity would be complete, with the rise of Alien Workshop skateboards.

Alien Workshop’s artwork, team, and skateboarding videos have been mixed with several aspects of art, design, and conspiracy theories. A lot of the team riders from the past, still have epic parts you can find online, and if you’ve ever been a fan of Alien Workshop skateboards, then you’ll no doubt want to pick up one of their latest and greatest boards. Here is a selection of boards from Alien Workshop that I have hand picked.

Click on the images, buy them, ride them, or hang them on your wall. If you’re a skateboarder, like artwork, or just want to jump into the skate world, then you might as well support one of the midwest’s companies that are still kicking today, Alien Workshop skateboards, and storm Area 51 in style.

alien work shop skateboard deck fall 2019
alien workshop skateboard deck fall 2019
 alien workshop skateboard deck fall 2019 believe
Alien Workshop abstract art skateboard deck

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