Airheads: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Review

There are a lot of records that you will remember solely as a part of a movie, and if you grew up with the notion of a motion picture soundtrack, you know exactly what I mean. Today’s movies usually have soundtracks that are released through classical labels because the score is what people want. With a few exceptions here and there, a lot of records get thrown into bargain bins or forgotten altogether.

That’s exactly what happened with this record for the movie “Airheads”. The movie is about a group of slackers that want to get a record deal and decide to break into a radio station to get it done. It starts Brendan Fraser, Adam Sandler, and Steve Buscemi as well as other dudes and gals. Either way, you’ll find that the movie is a classic of cult status, and the soundtrack features some amazing stand outs.

The lineup of bands on this is stellar, you’re going to get tracks from Motorhead, 4 Non Blondes, White Zombie, D Generation, Primus, Anthrax, Candlebox, Dig, Prong, The Lone Rangers, Stuttering John, Stick, and The Ramones. These are amazing bands and artists including the working-class band The Lone Rangers, which will surprise you if you’re not paying attention to the tie in that they have with the movie. The track starts off just like the movie, with some classic elements of punk rock and hard metal. Lemmy and Motorhead team up with Whitfield Crane and Ice T for this song and it’s one of their best offerings. Other stand out tracks include “I’m The One” by 4 None Blondes, “Degenerated” which is a cover of Reagan Youth’s earlier 7” release, and of course “We Want The Airwaves” by The Ramones. All of the tracks have something to offer and are pinpointed within the movie if you go back and watch it.

If you’re going to pick up a rock soundtrack, and you want to really enjoy the tracks instead of just getting something for 1 song, “Airheads” is the way to go. I find myself listening to the record a lot more than some other albums, and it’s right on par with “Angus” as one of the best alternative/rock soundtracks from any movie ever. The movie is cool too, but you’ll want to pick up the record.

Today, my pick is going for “Airheads: The Official Motion Picture Soundtrack”.

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